English, Film Friendly


Film Friendly status, gained as the result of a training programme organised by Finnish Lapland Film Commission, means that our personnel has knowledge of the special needs film crews may have and is willing to accommodate them as thoroughly as possible.

Finnish Lapland Film Commmission: www.filmlapland.fi

  Our services for film crews are:

Animal training for films with over 20 years of experience:

Siberian huskys, wolf, dogwolfs, reindeer, arctic fox, little dogs, white and ginger coloured

Knowledge of the area:                

 Levi – Pallas hill areas, village milieus around river Ounasjoki: Köngäs, Tepasto, Sirkka, Rauduskylä

 Knowledge and contacts to other service providers in the area such as:

accommodation, DMCs, maintenance, construction

We have also 12 hectars of land for filming location and equipments such as movable sauna, built on a trailer and pick up truck.  


Resume / CV 

Our animal training experience in film and tv productions


2010       Finnish feature film ”Kotirauha”

Our wolf dog starring as ”Devil”

Dir. Aleksi Mäkelä, produced by Solar Films Oy


Finnish feature “Syvälle salattu”

Our siberian husky Kimi starring as the family dog.

Dir. Joona Tena, produced by MatilaRöhrNordisk Oy



Our dog wolfs starring as wolfs, arctic fox

Dir. Joe Wright, Produced by Focus Features


2008       L’affaire Farewell

Our dog wolfs starring as wolfs, trained dogs

Dir. Christian Carion/

Produced by Nord-Ouest Film Production / Production serviced in Finland by Kinoproduction / Claes Olsson


2007       Music video for Lordi

Our dog wolfs starring as wolfs     

Dir. Antti Jokinen, Produced by Solar Films Inc Oy


               Finnish feature ”Christmas Story”      

Provided reindeer

Dir. Juha Wuolijoki, Produced by Snapper Films Oy


2005 – 2006   Finnish feature Suden arvoitus”

Our wolfs playing dog wolfs

Dir. Raimo O. Niemi, produced by Kinoproduction Oy


2002               TV ad Lapin Kulta beer

Our dog wolfs and huskys acting as wolfs

Tuotantoyhtiö Also Starring Oy studio


We have provided dogs and dog wolfs for several domestic and international fashion shoots (e.g. French, US, Chinese, Dutch, Italian and Estonian projects)